Antony Taylor

After completing his diploma with Premier Training in London in 2008 Antony spent 5 years in the fitness industry with a well known commercial gym in London, during that time Antony has gained great knowledge of what it takes for people to reach their potential.

I’m very passionate about my job, and my clients goals are as important to me as my own and the driving force behind my work.
I base my methods on what’s proven in the industry and what I know works! I always keep up to date with the latest ideas and trends but am quick to recognise what’s right and wrong, what’s proven and isn’t, and if it is, wether it would work for you, because that’s what matters, you, not what’s worked for your friends sisters cousin twice removed.
That’s the biggest plus in Personal Training, and what your coming to see me for, it’s just that… a personal plan for a journey to work health and fitness into your life while taking you towards the goals created just for you on that first meet, making it as easy as it can possibly be along the way.

The sessions themselves will be varied progression, using lots of different equipment, you’ll get to try using kettle bells, sandbags, suspension training systems, some boxing drills and all the traditional gym stuff like dumbbells, barbells and cardio equipment including treadmills, rowing machines and exercise bikes, you name it we will probably try it!

I am a huge believer in living your life and enjoying it and not sweating the small stuff! I don’t get mad, I won’t expect ridiculous sacrifices, nor will I make you do things you hate doing. I like to have fun while working my ass off and I like my clients to do the same, all your going to need is a sense of humour, if your looking for someone to shout at you and make you do horrible things until you feel close to death, I am not the guy for you. I will show you how to train smart, reaching your goals with a smile on your face and abs on your tummy!

On a more personal note I like lifting heavy things and throwing em around, running really fast until my lungs burst out of my chest and when I’m not doing those things I like eating, lots! Sleeping, lots! Playing any sport, but mostly spending time with my girlfriend and son, my family and the other 3 dudes on this page.

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