Gary Curley

Gary has over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, during which time he has worked for one of the big name Health Clubs in the UK, successfully founded his own company and now is excited to have linked up with 3 friends also experts in the health and fitness field to form MYP Fitness. Gary has gained a variety of Advanced Personal Training Qualifications with NASM and has worked with a variety of clients aged between 14 and 70, helping them to achieve some very different goals over the years.

First of all, I am a good listener. Whether it is meeting my clients for the first time or actually during their Personal Training Sessions with me I make it my priority to listen and find out, what does this person actually want? What is their goal? What is important to them and motivates them? After all this is the name of the game Personal Training. As human beings we are all different, we all have unique qualities which make us individual. This is exactly what motivates me, having a positive impact on peoples lives and guiding them to make the appropriate changes to promote a healthier lifestyle to help them look and feel better about themselves.

When Training my clients I like to look at the bigger picture, in my training methods I believe enhancing good movement is essential and can spear head the road to success for any goal. Ours bodies are 3 dimensional machines and coaching people to get in tune with their own bodies and become more body aware is a great way to start the journey to achieving your goals whether it be to lose weight, get to an optimal fitness level for your sport or simply to help reduce stress levels from a day to day demanding job and feel better.

Any training programme needs the correct balance in order for us to progress successfully, so I will teach you a blend of flexibility, mobility, muscle activation, core and functional strength exercises which we can integrate into different training methods ranging from controlled Body Weight and Flexibility sessions, Strength Training and High Intensity Interval Training. I believe variety is also key, so keep myself up to date with the cutting edge trends in the industry. Cool pieces of kit such as VipR and Kettle-bells are very popular bringing us away from traditional methods which have been around for years.

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