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Approachable, Personal & Friendly Personal Training in Bexley.

We pride ourselves in offering the best service to help to maximise your fitness results.

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About MYP Fitness – Personal Training in Bexley

MYP stands for Maximise Your Potential

We are a Personal Training facility in the heart of Bexley Village in Kent.
No gimmicks. No tricks. Just facts about what’s worked for others and what can work for you.

There is a lot of conflicting evidence out there in the fitness industry. Questions about the best practice or the optimal approach to achieve your goals, it can be difficult to know which way to turn. Here at MYP Fitness we will clear all that up for you. We specialize in weight loss and know exactly what you need to do to achieve it.
We believe in individuality. We are not all the same so we put the ‘personal’ in to personal training and believe with the right approach we are all capable of reaching our full potential. We focus on assessing individual needs to ensure you are taken down the right path. If your goal is results then MYP Personal Training in Bexley is the place to come.

We have the skills and the knowledge to help you plan how you can do it. We have the tools to take you there! With over 30 years of experience, the MYP Fitness Team are sure to find the answer you are looking for. Whether you’ve had a personal trainer before or you are completely new to exercise, we would love to help. Come down to our studio in Bexley, on the outskirts of London and start your journey to sustainable results. Make sure you maximise your potential with MYP Personal Training in Bexley.

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