The MYP Fitness team, Gary, Craig, Ross, Anthony

About Us

MYP Fitness is the creation of four friends from South East London looking to ignite the fitness industry and move people to better lives through health and fitness.

Here at MYP Fitness, we strive to give the facts about what YOU need to do for YOUR body in order to reach your potential in Health and Fitness.

Personal training from the heart of Bexley Village in Kent.
No gimmicks, no tricks, just facts about what’s worked for others and what can work for you.
There is a lot of conflicting evidence out there in the industry for what’s best practice or the optimal approach for you guys for any and every goal, be it fat loss, muscle gain and more specifics goals such as improving your 5k run time, but here at MYP Fitness we know that at the end of all that information, it’s what’s works for you as an individual, we are not all same, but we are all capable of reaching our full potential.

We have the skills and the knowledge to help you plan how you can do it, and we have the tools to take you there!

At MYP Fitness we pride ourselves on our personal experience to training, not just with the 1-1 Personal Training sessions, that’s a given, and we understand it’s something not entirely accessible to everyone, so we make sure everything we do, has that personal approach from the 1-1 Personal Training sessions, to the classes we run in small groups.
We feel that is something lacking in an industry where people are taking on approaches set by corporates for the masses.
With keeping classes small we get to keep them based on precise progression for each individual, and in doing so, we are able to teach you the correct form thus making the experience not only much safer, but all the more beneficial to your journey.

PT studio:

Equipped with a fully kitted out studio, with a completely matted floor and equipment ranging from a treadmill, rowing machine, a Trx suspension trainer and Olympic bars, to power bands and foam rollers, we have everything we need to give you a complete training experience during your programme. All that you need to do is book up a slot with one of the team, and come in with a smile on your face, then we’ll do the rest and do our best to keep you smiling along the way.

We also have a reception area where you can kick up and relax after a tough session with one of the guys, and changing facilities within the main gym area.

Group exercise studio:

Completely matted with plenty of open space for small groups of 10-14 people to train at the same time in one of our pre book classes, a changing room in the front and storage within the main studio.

Check out our services page to find out what classes we are running at the moment.