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So I’m guessing many of you are going away this summer for a week or 2, lovely. Holidays are what we work towards so much of the year, those few weeks relaxing in the sun can do us the world of good, recharging the batteries, getting the minds out of work mode. Holidays can quite… Read more »


That’s right, there is nothing this guy can’t do it would seem. Now he’s helping you get lean for summer! You won’t even need to leave your home to let him help, seriously! Ok maybe inadvertently, and he has no idea, but here’s how. You’ve all read, and heard about how interval training can help… Read more »

Squats – and why you should be doing them.


Squats And why you should be doing them. Squats are one of the most publicised exercises. We see people doing them in the gym, we watch people doing them on social media videos, we hear people talking about them on The Kardashians. But why? What the hell is so bloody great about squatting? (And just… Read more »

How To Tackle January


Autumn has gone. Summer is long gone. The days are short, the weather is dull and everyone is saving what little energy they have for Christmas parties and shopping. Somehow it’s that time of year again. December. For most of us, this can be a pretty exhausting time of year. Whether that’s because you are… Read more »

The secret to fat loss

Psssst… Oi you….   You want to know the secret to weight loss? You ready for it?….. Ok, well here it comes! There is no secret! It’s no secret because you already know it, everyone does it’s quite simply a case of numbers, you need to burn more energy than you consume, however you call… Read more »

HIIT or miss

How many times have you ruled yourself out of a certain type of training because you thought you were not fit enough? My guess is most of us have done this at some point or another. Many of us resign ourselves to the fact that we are not good enough to involve ourselves in certain… Read more »

Finding solutions

  I often say to my clients “life dictates, you just need to fit health and fitness around it”…… Now I still stand by that statement, health and fitness should be part of your life yes, but Family, Friends, your Job/Career will come first, from that, Moving house, A New job, Getting Married, and smaller… Read more »

New Years Fitness Resolutions


Christmas is great isn’t it? Time with family and friends, everybody is in such a good mood. There’s pretty lights everywhere, you play games, watch home alone and elf 10 or 15 times, it’s the one time of year we are all guaranteed to behave like kids again, and not be judged for singing Christmas… Read more »