So I’m guessing many of you are going away this summer for a week or 2, lovely.

Holidays are what we work towards so much of the year, those few weeks relaxing in the sun can do us the world of good, recharging the batteries, getting the minds out of work mode.

Holidays can quite quickly expand the waistline though, so I have some tips to help you stick to the diet as best you can while away from your home routine.

Now don’t get me wrong holidays are there to be enjoyed no doubt about it, if you’re going abroad somewhere in the Mediterranean and not sampling the local delicacies, you’re doing it wrong, but you can still make mostly good choices while you’re there.



Have a Protein heavy breakfast, make a conscious choice at breakfast to select something like eggs in the morning.
It’ll help keep you full, and kick off your protein intake for the day.

Always seems a bit easier to get decent protein sources in at lunch and dinner so it’s important you really make the effort to in the morning.

2- FISH!!

Eat the local fresh caught fish, if you love fish like I do this is a must!
There’s nothing better than the over friendly waiter bringing out the “catch of the day” to your table in all its scaled glory, that grilled with the potatoes and veg on the side is a meal that is just rarely as good at home.

3- Fruit!!

The fresh fruit abroad is in my opinion often fantastic, great big watermelons, fresh peaches or nectarines, avocados.
All seem to taste just that much better, so make the most of them, big salads at lunch and fruit salads as a refreshing snack is a good choice to help keep hunger away.


4- Walk!!

I know it can be hot, but taking in the culture of your new home for a week or 2 is something I always make sure I do.
Relaxing is certainly on the cards, and rightly so. You got up early and won that sun lounger fair and square, you enjoy it! Just make a conscious effort to get up and head out at some point during the day.
Just take plenty of water 😉

5- Swim!!

Make an effort to hit the pool everyday for however many lengths you can do. If you can’t swim, lay back against the wall of the pool, lift your legs and kick 100x, rest recover and do it again, as many times as your legs can take. Easy exercise and all while keeping nice and cool.
If that sun is getting too much during the day get in the pool and move.

6- Ice lollies!!

If you want something “naughty” and just can’t help yourself. Choose an ice lolly over ice cream, you can of course have the odd ice cream. It was kind of tradition for everyone in my family to have an ice cream sandwich (it’s not ice cream in bread for those of you who’ve never had one before) when we all went away so I’ll always partake In one of those on a couple of occasions, the rest of the time if I’m watching my waistline, I’ll select an ice lolly. Far fewer calories than an ice cream and just as refreshing when the sun gets the better of you.


There you go, as I say holidays are there to be enjoyed, and it’s up to you to make the decision on if your are being conscious of any aesthetic goals you might have, or if you are going in hard on food and drink and forgetting about those goals for a week or 2. Just know your mind, and know your consequences.

You can and should be relaxing out there. That includes being a bit more relaxed about food choices, BUT, you can still do things to help make that return to home a little less hard work!