Morning glory

Morning Glory

Let’s face it, we all like to feel good. Feeling good should be right at the top of our priorities list. Therefore we need to prioritise the things that make us feel good. Exercise makes us feel good. Therefore we should prioritise exercise! See what I did there?

Now when it comes to prioritising things there is a key word; planning. Without a plan, actioning our priorities tends to stop dead at good intentions. Good intentions are a fruitless seed without action. Nobody got fit just by thinking about it. So first we must plan, then we must action.

When it comes to action many of us are restricted by time. Often we plough through our days with these good intentions only to run out of time, or for other things to come up. For this reason, surely it makes sense to get things done early in the day, before anything gets in the way! Here we look at the other benefits of a morning workout.


The Morning Workout

  • Out of the way – We have already touched on this. Getting your workout done early ensures that you actually do it. Allowing you to focus on the rest of the day’s necessary activities safe in the knowledge that your workout is done.
  • Accomplishment – We all like to feel that our day has been productive. An early exercise session ensures that however useless we are for the rest of the day, we will feel a sense of accomplishment. Bravo!
  • EPOC – No, not one of the little hairy guys from Star Wars. EPOC stands for Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Often referred to as the after-burn, it is the increase in oxygen consumption after exercise and can increase your metabolic rate. Get up early, have a workout, burn more calories through the day. Win.
  • Appetite for brekkie – After training you are likely to want to refuel. ‘In steps the superhero of the morning, BREAKFAST.’ So many people miss out on this important fast-breaking meal. A morning workout can help you to feel more like eating a nice rewarding breakfast. This is a good thing.
  • Alertness – Your morning workout will awaken your senses. No more getting into work half asleep. Instead you will become a highly motivated ball of energy. This will probably lead to a pay rise, what a result!
  • Stress busting – The combined effect of the feeling of accomplishment, eating breakfast, being more alert and a release of endorphins will leave your state of cool impenetrable. Stress? Pah!
  • Glowing skin – A face full of freshly pumped blood will bring your make-up costs down and have everyone admiring your beautifully glowing face.
  • Bragging rights – This one is particularly rewarding for people who happen to be surrounded by self righteous idiots. Whatever wonderful self-obsessed story these people have for you today, shut them up by telling them how awesome you feel after your kick-ass morning workout. Followed by walking away before they try and trump you!


There we have it. Training in the morning is a great idea. So maybe set your alarm a little earlier for tomorrow…