The American breakfast that can help you lose weight!


I know right, american breakfasts can’t help you lose weight! Pancakes and syrup, bacon and cinnamon buns (Ohhh the cinnamon buns)
No of course they can’t, BUT, I was fortunate enough to do some travelling around the states this year on my honeymoon, and the food was ridiculous.

For the most part high in calories, partly due to the sheer volume and partly due to the density of the calories in the foods.

Yet there was a consistent meal that I’d go to for breakfast or brunch…


Some Americans call it scram, we call it scrambled eggs because we like to waste time saying longer words…
But they do it so well, big piles of eggs, whatever veg you want all up in there, some cheese and toast or a bagel with cream cheese on the side. You had one of these babies from the menu and you were walking back to the hotel for a lay down to recover.

Seriously one early afternoon my wife and I went for a pretty long walk to a small restaurant I’d heard good things about in L.A, both chose the scram with toast and had an hours walk back where we literally didn’t say 5 words to each other. All we could think about was how we were going to survive the walk back with the food sweats that were taking over our whole universe.

Ignoring the calorie density of the, I don’t know… Dozen eggs they use, 4lb of cheese both in the eggs and on the toast itself. It made me realise that it’s the perfect breakfast when dieting, lots of volume, packed full of protein and fibre. It just needed a few tweaks to make it a bit more, thigh friendly. Hence-


I literally just thought of that name, catchy huh? I’m good like that.

All you’ll need is-

1 medium egg
125g of egg whites (I use the carton 3 chicks)
30g of low fat cheddar cheese
1 bell pepper
2 salad/spring onions
1 handful of spinach or broccoli or whatever green you fancy
2 slices of ham (optional but helps bump the protein up again)

1 slice of wholemeal toast or a thin bagel with 30g of lightest cream cheese

Easy to make, chop up all the veg and the ham and chuck it in a pan with a couple of pumps of 1cal spray oil. Cook that up for a few minutes while hand whisking up the egg, egg whites and cheddar cheese in a bowl or jug, poor that mixture over the veg while it’s on a medium heat and let that cook slowly while you move it all about with a spatula to stop it from burning. Only takes about 7-10 minutes. Then while that’s cooking, toast up your bagel/toast so that’s ready to go when it’s all done.
That’s one big meal that’s going to keep you feeling full with really really decent macros. Rough breakdown of which is below.

Total kcals- 460
Pro- 48g
Carbs- 34g
Fat- 13g
Fibre- 5g

So the lesson here is eat like the Americans do, but don’t…you gotta tweak it a bit.