Squats – and why you should be doing them.


And why you should be doing them.

Squats are one of the most publicised exercises. We see people doing them in the gym, we watch people doing them on social media videos, we hear people talking about them on The Kardashians. But why? What the hell is so bloody great about squatting? (And just to confirm, we are talking about squatting in the fitness sense, not making your way into someone’s property and claiming living rights.)



Without meaning to sound too unprofessional, squats are awesome. If they are not part of your current exercise regime, they should be, and here’s why.

  • They are functional

Since humans have existed they have squatted. It is a position that over the centuries has been used to harvest, hunt, cook, eat and is still used on the continent to excrete. Unfortunately modern life is more sedentary and has lead to less natural squatting. Honour your ancestors by making the squat part of your daily routine.

  • They give you strong legs

This seems pretty obvious yet some people still spend lots of time working on their legs without doing any squats. Given, there are plenty of ways to train your legs, but if you aren’t doing squats then you are missing a trick. Bringing various squat exercises into your programme is key to developing lower body strength. The squat is a compound exercise which strengthens your lower body as an integrated unit. If you want strong legs then you should be squatting.

  • Squats are good for your knees

Squats build your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. Strengthening these muscles helps to support the knee joints. Who wants bad knees? No-one.

  • Improves Flexibility

Regular squatting through a full range of motion not only improves strength but it can improve flexibility. By bringing deep squats into your regime you will improve mobility through your hips and legs. The result of which is greater daily mobility, which basically helps you to feel less old.

  • Greater core-strength

The squat has many variations. All of which challenge the core to a degree. Whether by adding an external weight or squatting on a single leg, promoting a stronger core should be of priority in anyone’s training. A strong core means less chance of injury, tighter abs and a greater chance of being able to show off in the gym.


Hopefully I have made it clear that squats are well worth doing. So get yourself off of your butt and go tighten it up with some squats. Enjoy!