What Am I Doing Wrong?

Are you struggling with your fitness goals?


Here are some reasons you may not be getting what you want. Get ready for some tough love.

  • Making excuses

Guess what. This is the biggest reason most people fail. Excuses are like Pokemon, they are everywhere. So if you are looking for one you will find one. My advice is stop looking. Start looking instead for a way around things. Try saying to yourself “I might have a busy day today but I’m gonna get to the gym straight after work because I wanna get this damn weight off!” Rather than “I have such a busy day today I’m definitely going to deserve a take-away and a bottle of wine this evening!”

Learning to overcome excuses, and feeling empowered by this new found control is a sure fire way to improving your results.

  • Not doing enough

Now this kinda relates to the first one. If you are making excuses regularly then it is likely you are not doing enough. The first thing you have to do here is accept responsibility. Stop trying to blame your body, or the scales or your friends who force fed you beer and burgers. If you are not getting the results you want then it is your fault. No problem. Now you know this, you can do something about it. Starting with doing more exercise and eating less crap.

  • Focusing too much on results

This one may have you confused. “Focus less on results? But it’s results I want!” I hear you. But guess what. You can’t just have something because you want it, you have to work for it. Try instead focusing on the work to be done and let the results come.

  • Giving in when it hurts

This one is simple. Don’t be a wimp. This is generally good advice for all aspects of life, but certainly for exercise. If you stop when it hurts, or when you feel sick, you will get nowhere. Try reminding yourself that when you start to feel a little uncomfortable, this is the win zone! You don’t have to kill yourself but there has to be some push to encourage the body to adapt. Generally this pushing is a little uncomfortable. Start being comfortable with being uncomfortable and you’re onto something.

  • Listening to other people

The sooner you realise that you are alone in this challenge the better. Now I know you are not alone alone. But you have to realise that no-one is going to get your results for you, you have to take control. And guess what, you are the one who is gonna benefit from them. So stop listening to what everyone else says, it’s your journey not theirs. Don’t allow yourself to lean too heavily on those who are trying to help and stop rebelling against the people who want the best for you. Stand up strong and proud and get it done, for yourself.

  • Not planning

Fail to plan, plan to fail. Get organised. Prep your food. Schedule your workouts. Set goals. Monitor your progress. Its easy to do and it will motivate you and keep you on track.

  • Trying to be perfect

This is one of my favourites. Everyone wants perfection these days. Quick results. To be the best. Nothing else is good enough. Well throw your ego to one side and focus on trying to be better rather than perfect. For most of us 100% is not sustainable. Then when we fall away from 100% we become dissatisfied and end up nearer the 0% mark. Aim for consistency. Be happy with living around the 70-80% mark. If you nail this you may even have periods around the 100% mark, but are far less likely to end up back at zero!


I hope some of these help you with your fitness goals. Always remember the key is balance. Train regularly and to a decent level, eat well, have fun and feel good. Simples