Who Are You Answering To?

It’s 2018 and self preservation is all the rage. Social media is full of people telling you to love yourself, remove the negative people from your life and pretty much put two fingers up to the whole world. This is perfect if you want to be a self indulged, lonely asshole. Although I agree with taking care of yourself, I also believe the greatest joy comes from taking care of the world around you (including the people in it). The real challenge is getting the balance right. Giving all your time, energy and love to everyone else, without consideration for yourself, will leave you tired, and can lead to feelings of resentment. The best way to equip yourself with the tools to be super-giving while staying energised and positive is….


Yes. I know you were hoping the answer was going to be chocolate and wine, but exercise is one of the greatest gifts we can bestow upon ourselves. And when I say exercise, I don’t mean mind-numbingly boring hours in spent in the gym doing stuff you hate. I mean being active. Giving your body the drug it desires. Utilising your body in the way it was designed to be utilised.


Before we go any further I want you to answer a simple question. How good is your relationship with exercise? If it’s really good, like say Ant and Dec’s relationship, then you can carry on reading this article feeling rather smug. If it’s not so good, say like Kayne West’s relationship with Taylor Swift, then make sure you are paying attention.


So I have now added myself to the long list of people who have told you that exercise is good for you and that you should do it. How you choose to use this information is up to you, and will ultimately determine whether you succeed or fail. That last statement is quite strong, but I’m sticking with it. As human beings we tend to have an inherit problem with things we ‘should’ do. For this reason, many people take the advisory prescription of exercise and put it in the wrong part of their brain. Instead of putting it in the same part as hanging out with friends, enjoying nice food and taking photos of their wine glasses, they put it alongside chores like cleaning the house and doing the food shopping. Straightaway you have decided that exercise is something you don’t want to do, but you should! Woah! Hold it right there sisters and misters. Let’s look at it in a different way. Exercise is something you should do because it’s good for you. You will benefit from it. It will help you feel better and probably look sexier. However, you don’t have to do it. No-one is forcing you to. Regardless of who is telling you to exercise, and regardless of the reasons why they think you should, you have to take it and own it for yourself. You have to train because you want to! There is no other reason that will give you the same results as wanting to do it. You need to want to be fit. You need to want to feel good. You need to want to flood your body with endorphins. By wanting to do something rather than feeling you should do something, you are changing the way you think about it. You are creating a good relationship.

Don’t create an imaginary entity that you can say ‘screw you’ to when you don’t feel like doing something. You will either benefit or suffer from your own actions in life. You answer to yourself. Train for yourself and enjoy it!